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Zen International Japan to donate anti-virus supplies to the SARI, CAS

Mar.27, 2020, Zen International Japan has sourced and donated anti-virus supplies to Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science (SARI, CAS) and hold a donation ceremony through the active communication and coordination of the Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok), Chinese Academy of Science (ICCB, CAS).

Zen International Japan is one of the project partners of ICCB, CAS in Japan. In an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Zen International Japan has donated a batch of “Yokimono”, a kind of anti-virus and bacteria hand gel and spray with its formula jointly developed by Zen International Japan and ICCB, CAS to SARI, CAS.

“Adequate personal protective equipment is pretty much effective in preventing the spread of the virus.” Zen International Japan is demonstrating a spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, and we all share a common belief that our cooperation in various fields will surely overcome the impact of the epidemic and achieve greater development after the storm.